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Schools and Learning Guide

Schools and Learning Guide

 Learn more about the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge with our Schools Learning Guide! 

Download the Learning Guide now to use with your class, and become part of our fantastic BWSC community!

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Be A Team Strategist




Think you can predict the winning team and their finish time? 

During the Challenge, each team has a Team Strategist, who uses data from the car, as well as weather condition data to determine how the car should be driven. Does the team need to slow down to absorb more charge? Are they coming into good conditions that will allow them to speed ahead?

Using weather monitor data positioned along the route, we are inviting you to follow the Challenge and individual teams to predict how far they will travel each day, and their finishing times. 

Download the activity and teacher resources here and view data from weather monitors set up in the below:

Teacher Activity Guide

Teacher Schools Guide

Student Activity Sheet

Solar Strategy Cheat Sheet


Weather trackers

Schools along the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Route have been helping us to monitor weather for the 2019 event, you can see the datafeed from their monitoring stations on our route map here.